'Lord Of The Rings' Reunion Reveals Hilarious Secret Behind Sean Bean's Meme

One does not simply look at Sean Bean’s meme the same way again.

On Sunday, almost 20 years after the release of “The Fellowship of the Ring,” actor Josh Gad gathered together the original “Lord of the Rings” cast for a very important mission ... eh ... quest ... thing. And they were prepared to spill the Beans.

The virtual reunion served as a fundraiser for No Kid Hungry, while allowing the cast to re-create scenes and go there and back again on behind-the-scenes stories (which you can see above). Then, halfway through (around the 33-minute mark), the topic of the one meme to rule them all, Sean Bean’s “One does not simply walk into Mordor,” finally came up.

The meme, showing Bean’s character, Boromir, saying a warning about Mordor during the Council of Elrond, has been spread far and wide over the internet. After Bean delivered the much-memed line during Sunday’s reunion, director Peter Jackson delivered a hilarious insight.

“That entire speech that Sean had to deliver at the Council of Elrond was written the night before. It’s long, and we gave it to Sean in the morning he arrived. What Sean did, which I thought was very clever, is he got a printout of the speech taped to his knee,” Jackson said.

“If you watch the scene now you’ll see every time that Sean has to check his script,” he added.

Sure enough, if you watch the scene back, Bean is there looking at his knee. One does not simply look at Sean Bean’s meme the same way again.