15 'Lord Of The Rings' Tarot Cards

In an email interview with The Huffington Post, Levina revealed that she created the deck of cards at the request of a friend who both adored Tolkien's work and tarot reading.

Levina described the project as well: "This is a kind of a comparative study of archetypical dimension of 'The Lord of the Rings;' the Tarot is the most well known cultural phenomenon that deals with the visualization of the archetypical patterns and scenarios, so the idea to make some associative link between them appeared on its own. The numerical sequence of the Major Arcana [22 of the cards in a traditional Tarot deck] is often interpreted as an allegory of the path of spiritual development, so this is an attempt to disclose this allegory in the context of 'The Lord of the Rings.'"

Levina's favorite part of this particular project was that she felt that she got to experience reading Tolkien again and again.

Who thought that two things we loved would be put together in such an awesome way?

Lord of the Rings Tarot Cards