Lorde Wears Her Golden Globes Crop Top Again Because YOLO

It is simply "too good to just hang up and never wear again."

Talented teen songstress Lorde is nothing if not practical. Accordingly, she took to Instagram Wednesday to teach her legions of fans about smart consumerism and reusing what's already in the closet -- that is, if what's in the closet is top designer garb.

In the photo, Lorde, 18, wears high-rise jeans paired with the black crop top she wore to the Golden Globes last month:

Lorde at the Globes in January, where she was nominated for Best Original Song for "Yellow Flicker Beat" from "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1": 

And with a similar looking top, only in white, at the after-party:


This basically means wearing something once and tossing it because "it ended up on Facebook" is no longer a valid excuse, alright?

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