Lorde Invited The Cashier Who Sold Her A Smoothie To See Her At Governors Ball

"I am shook," Ayesha, the cashier, says in her Twitter video.

Lorde is super smooth ― and we’re not just talking about her drink preferences (we’re not sorry).

The “Green Light” singer went into Liquiteria, a smoothie shop, in New York City on Monday and made fast friends with the bubbly cashier, Ayesha.

After making Lorde a cup of “Blue Velvet” (not sure that sounds appetizing, but Lorde can do what she wants), Ayesha filmed herself meeting her the songstress. She later tweeted the adorable encounter:

“This is my first smoothie to a famous person ― we got Lorde in the house today,” she giggles in the video. “She got a Blue Velvet. I am shook.”

Lorde is in New York this week to perform at the upcoming Governor’s Ball in the area this weekend. Which is why, shortly after meeting Ayesha, the singer slid into the smoothie-maker’s DMs to invite her to the show.

Apparently Lorde wanted to invite her new BFF in real life, but “got shy.” Stars, they’re just like us. 

Friends and Twitter followers alike asked if Ayesha would go to the concert, to which she responded: “Absolutely.” Because, duh. If Lorde DMs you to come to GovBall, you respond and go with her to GovBall.

We hope the pair have the best time at the show. 



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