Lorde Dressed Like A Moth On 'Saturday Night Live'

This is pretty perfect.

Lorde blessed our ears with new music as she performed on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

For her second performance of the show, she sang the recently-released single “Liability” while wearing an all-white outfit and a large white headpiece and veil.

the moments before the moment

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The look garnered attention from fans, including one in particular who asked Lorde if the statement piece had “any symbolism for the song.” “I’m getting super sad bride ditched at the alter/or like ‘I’m wedded to myself’ vibes,” the fan wrote.

Lorde replied that she “wanted to look like an attic moth, no sparkle, swaddled and floating.”

The look fit perfectly with the song, which Lorde has said is a “strange part of myself for a lot of people to look at” and “freaked and grossed” her out at first. And of course, if anyone can look cool dressed like a moth, it’s her.

Check out the performance above.

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