Lords of the New Church

What the right has figured out is they can literally rewrite reality as it fits their newly effectuated agenda. And the rest of us can only gaze in stupefaction as they outstrip all that has defined civic discourse for millennia.
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If anyone knows God doesn't exist, it's Republicans.

Nor, do any rules apply.

Nor, is history relevant.

Nor, does science matter.

You see, the Republicans (and generally the right) could officially now give a flying fuck about most of the previously-agreed-upon principles and concepts used in the governing of a modern civilized nation.

Because what the right has figured out is that they can literally rewrite reality as it fits their newly effectuated agenda. Using every traditional sociopolitical and/or cultural opportunity as a canary in a coal mine of their breakthrough design, they are seeing firsthand the efficacy of practical, empirical analysis born of the formerly terrifying exploration of new ideas.

And the rest of us can only gaze in stupefaction as they outstrip all that has defined civic discourse for millennia (or at least in the 200-plus years of our national zeitgeist) with sheer -- I don't know -- cheekiness? Anarchy? Balls?

Because we -- that is, the rest of us who continue to base their lives on tried-and-true ideas and ideals culled from the sometimes painful, often magnificent fundamentals wrought from the countless lives and events that precede every moment up to and including the present one, are using tools that have become instantaneously obsolete. We might as well be lecturing the "LOL-OMFG" generation on the beauty and expressive depth of cursive penmanship and the deceptive poetry of the gerund (granted, I may be pushing that last notion. I have to keep looking up "gerund" myself. In fact, please don't ask me what it means after you finish this).

The right's brazen discarding of those fundamentals has created a New Genesis. They have ceased fearing God and, in essence and execution, become Him: lords of a Neo-Eden in which many of their stances formerly regarded with repugnance, from overt racism to insidious religious fundamentalism, from the demonization of political saviors such as FDR to the lauding of traitors to democracy like Joe McCarthy, have been rechristened, reconstituted and distributed with smiles and parades.

And the voices of obvious opposition and outrage are raised but their echoes, in this newly designed dystopia, are swallowed up and muffled, effectively rendered immaterial both literally and figuratively.

So what care the right about the reissuing of blatant bullshit by W in his mocked-up memoirs; why should they do anything except continue their relentless contempt of Obama, so transparently like every white cop who humiliated a black man on a well-trafficked street, no one daring to intervene despite the obvious villainy; why blanch with shame as their collective intellect is watered down to spit with every inanity uttered by their recently anointed representatives, the Palins and the Limbaughs and the entire army of swollen egos and swelling wallets, tramping through decency with all the subtlety of jackbooted drones through a diverse, functional, productive citizenry?

And why worry about their noise machine mocking any definition of fairness and balance, why bother with the implementation of a fairness doctrine, why lose sleep over the insanity of deregulating corporations whose sole purpose is to increase profits at any and all costs?

The right is all rogue, all the time (but that's only if one subscribes to the concept that the right is the aberration; by their auto-retrofitted interpretation, it's the rest of the world that comprises the deviant elements).

And, unless the rest of us go Democracy 2.0 really fast, the world as we knew it will be as relevant as, well, reality.

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