These Students Just Made All Your 'High School Musical' Dreams Come True

What time is it? Party (and flash mob) time!

"High School Musical" recently made a comeback during a flash mob at Loreto Grammar School in the United Kingdom. Some 50 students organized their own performance of "Stick to the Status Quo," a song from the film, as a way to make a memorable exit from school.

"It’s tradition for sixth form leavers to pull a prank on their last day, and we wanted to do something completely different," 18-year-old Faye Smith told the Manchester Evening News.

The stunt started when one girl suddenly jumped on a table to kick off the song, and pretty soon the flash mob turned into a full-blown dance party.

Stick to the Status Quo - Year 13 Loreto Leavers 2015

15/05/2015 Lunchtime

Posted by Katy Lowrey on Saturday, May 16, 2015

According to Faye, the performance was just as enjoyable for the faculty. "They all seemed to love it and joined in -- even the teachers," she told Manchester Evening News.

With the video getting more than 900,000 views on Facebook, next year's prank will have some big shoes to fill. You can bet on it.

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