Loretta Sanchez Did The Dab In The California Senate Debate, For Some Reason

Well, that's one way to end your closing remarks.

At the one-and-only California Senate debate on Wednesday night, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Ca.) did the dab ― a pose popularized by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

After ignoring the moderator’s repeated attempts to wrap up her closing remarks, the nine-term congresswoman finally stopped and struck the pose, which morphed from its hip-hop roots to an internet dance craze now most frequently associated with the Panthers player.

The move even gave the congresswoman’s opponent, California Attorney General Kamala Harris (D), a start. According to the Los Angeles Times, Harris “bit her lip and looked to the audience, eyes wide,” before delivering some grade-A shade.

“So, there’s a clear difference between the candidates in this race,” Harris said.

Luis Vizcaino, a spokesman for Sanchez, suggested on Twitter that the move “is why Millennials are supporting Loretta Sanchez for U.S. Senate.”

Harris currently leads Sanchez by 15 points, according to HuffPost Pollster, which averages all publicly available polling data. The attorney general has been endorsed by President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and California Gov. Jerry Brown (D).

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