'Aunt Becky' Jokes Abound Over Lori Loughlin College Admission Scheme Indictment

People were surprised to find the "Full House" star was indicted as one of more than 40 defendants in a bribery scheme to get their kids into elite colleges.

Whatever happened to predictability?!

As reports broke that actress Lori Loughlin was one of dozens of people charged by the FBI in an elite college admission scheme, many Twitter users began sharing jokes in reference to the former “Full House” star’s character: Aunt Becky.

While the jokes are hilarious, the charges are not. Loughlin was allegedly part of a scheme of more than 40 defendants who paid up to $6 million in bribes to ensure their children were accepted to schools such as Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and Harvard.

As Loughlin’s TV husband, Uncle Jesse, would say: Have mercy.

At any rate, while that story continues to develop, let’s enjoy more Aunt Becky jokes, shall we?

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