Lori Loughlin Reveals If The Olsen Twins Will Be Back For 'Fuller House' Season 2

Mary-Kate and Ashley notably didn't appear on Season 1.

The Olsen twins devastated “Full House” fans when it was announced that they wouldn’t be appearing on the show’s spinoff series, “Fuller House,” which debuted earlier this year. The rest of the original cast, including Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, Bob Saget, John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin, came back to reprise their roles on the Netflix show, but Mary-Kate and Ashley decided to opt out. 

Still, hope was renewed when Season 2 was green-lit and many started to wonder if the twins would give Michelle Tanner another chance. Well, according to Loughlin, who famously plays Aunt Becky on both series, the Olsens are not returning anytime soon.

“I wish I had an answer,” Loughlin told The Huffington Post during a Build Series interview last week. “They’re not on ‘Fuller House’ for a second season either. I’m not in any of those negotiations, nor am I privy to any information, only that I can say they’re not on again for a second season.”

If they were to return, though, Loughlin is confident that the cast and crew would be thrilled to have both of them ― or either sister ― back on set. 

“I’m sure they would more than welcome them back if they wanted to [do it], but it’s been great for all of us to be reunited,” she said. “Who would have thought after over 25 years that we would actually be back shooting on the same soundstage that we did all those years ago?”

“Fuller House” focuses mainly on the oldest Tanner daughter, D.J. (Cameron Bure), who’s now a widowed mother of three sons. Her sister Stephanie (Sweetin), best friend Kimmy (Barber) and Kimmy’s daughter move in with her to help provide support. (Very similar to the original storyline, which followed Danny (Saget), his brother-in-law Jesse (Stamos) and best friend Joey (Coulier) as they teamed up to raise his three young daughters.)

“It’s Candace and Jodie and Andrea’s show, but it’s been fun for us to go back and just do a few episodes,” Loughlin said, adding, “Myself, John, Bob and Dave did three out of the 13 [episodes]. But we have a nice story arc [this season] and I think the fans will actually really like it.”

“Fuller House” Season 2 debuts Dec. 9 on Netflix. 

Watch Lori Loughlin’s full Build Series interview about “Fuller House” and her Hallmark movie “Every Christmas Has a Story” below. 

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