Kevin Nealon Reveals Lorne Michaels' Surprising Favorite Type Of 'SNL' Host

Lorne Michaels' Favorite Type Of 'SNL' Host Might Surprise You

There was one subset of "Saturday Night Live" host that Kevin Nealon, a cast member from 1986 to 1995, found to be slightly lackluster during his time working on the late-night show.

"I would say athletes," he revealed in a Wednesday HuffPost Live conversation to promote his AOL series "Laugh Lessons."

"[They're] the most inexperienced when it comes to acting."

Ironically, Nealon remembers "SNL" showrunner Lorne Michaels thinking quite the opposite.

"Lorne Michaels loved them because they always knew where to hit their mark because they're used to being told where to go on the field," he explained. "When you tell them to go right there, they're gonna be there."

The "Weeds" actor went on to say that all stars were "very friendly" when coming to host the long-running series, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this past February.

"They're terrified and they want to be your friend and they're being nice to you," he recounted. "They want you to protect them."

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