Lorraine Toussaint Talks Shooting A Nude Scene After 50 For 'Orange Is The New Black'


Editor's note: the clip above contains nudity.

Lorraine Toussaint dared to go bare after turning 50 when she stripped down for a steamy scene in the second season of Netflix's breakout hit "Orange Is The New Black." But unlike just about every other TV fan, she had never actually seen the finished product -- until she visited HuffPost Live.

Host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani ran footage of the scene during Toussaint's interview on Friday, and the actress revealed that it was the first time she'd ever seen it. Her response: "Oh dear."

Even as a villain and antagonist to the show's most beloved characters, Lorraine Toussaint shines as "Vee" in "OITNB's" much-lauded second season. Though she had never watched the scene, Toussaint said she did check in with a close circle of intimate friends before she agreed to go topless.

"I had a couple of girlfriends and a couple of my gay guy friends take a look at the girls," she said. "And I just went for it."

Toussaint said she tried to think of "a million different ways to film this [scene] clothed" but "none of it made sense. This character would never have done that." As for the response to the scene, Toussaint doesn't want to be called "brave" for appearing nude, and said the focus on her choice to bare it all later in life is a mark of the unhealthy cultural obsession with youth.

"It's very American, isn't it? Because in America, certainly in Hollywood, it's about youth and it's about the glorification of the young body, the firm body, the teenage, post-teenage, early-20s body," she said. "It's also about being stick thin. It doesn't actually reflect the way women's bodies actually look or how women's bodies actually mature."

See Lorraine Toussaint react to her "OITNB" nude scene in the clip above, and click here to check out the full HuffPost Live conversation.

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