Los Angeles Animal Rescue Of The Week: Perfect Pet Rescue

Animal Rescue Of The Week: Perfect Pet Rescue (PHOTOS)

Perfect Pet Rescue founder Nancy Sarnoff first began volunteering rescue coordinator for an organization in the San Fernando Valley about 18 years ago. Two years later, Sarnoff headed to West Los Angeles Shelter, where, as a volunteer, she became convinced there had to be more that people could do for the animals that were turned over to the shelter. So, in 1993, she teamed up with another concerned volunteer and a veterinarian on Sepulveda Boulevard to create Perfect Pet Rescue. In 1996, the organization officially became a non-profit animal rescue foundation.

Sarnoff is proud to announce that the organization has placed about 9,000 dogs in homes since it was first founded. However, she concedes, Perfect Pet Rescue still faces challenges. She told HuffPost about one of foundation's more recent challenges: "with the downturn of the economy and these troubled times, we have been called upon to re-home a dog we adopted out 10 years ago."

Still, the organization continues to strive towards its goal of one day making the need for dog shelters obsolete. "In addition to rescuing as many dogs as we can from shelters," Sarnoff adds, "we have created a special fund within our organization to offer spay/neuter assistance to anyone who asks. 'Spay or neuter, spay or neuter' is our mantra and we pray that we will see the day when all dogs have homes."

To see photos of the dogs available at Perfect Pet Rescue, check out the slideshow below.
UPDATE: Photos reflect an updated list of dogs currently available for adoption

Photos and captions by Perfect Pet Rescue

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