Los Angeles Officers Caught In A Porn Film

A pair of Los Angeles traffic officers are in hot water after appearing in a pornographic film.

NBC4 LA reports that the video shows uniformed, on-duty officers performing lewd acts with a porn actress. At one point, the actress performs sexual acts on herself in an official city car. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation is launching a full investigation into the matter.

Los Angeles parking enforcement chief Jimmy Price knew of the film two months ago but did not discipline the workers in question. Price claimed to NBC4 LA, “we were not able to positively identify the individuals as employees" from still photos of the film.

Still, LADOT workers who had shared the film with NBC4 LA claim that Price did know the officers' identities, and did nothing to discipline them.

Bill Rosendahl, Los Angeles councilman and head of the transportation committee, confirms to KTLA that the two people in the video are indeed city workers. They have been placed on paid administrative leave until the results of the investigation are released.

Watch the video and check out NBC4 LA for the full story.


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