Let's Fix LA From the Ground Up, One Pothole at a Time

Fixing potholes is the least the city of L.A. can do. Guess what? They're doing it, in an enterprise called "Operation Pothole."
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I don't know about you, but I think potholes are a lot like graffiti and the "broken window" theory. If you see them on a rundown house on the block, and they remain unrepaired and not covered over, the whole neighborhood can look as if it's suffering from neglect.

Potholes in the middle of a street are no different.

And fixing potholes is the least the city of L.A. can do. Guess what? They're doing it, in an enterprise called "Operation Pothole." The name is corny, but the results can turn pockmarked neighborhood streets around in a single weekend.

The city's got an ambitious goal for June 4th and June 5th, when city Street Services crews, nearly a 100 strong, will blanket Los Angeles, with the goal of filling 20,000 potholes on that single weekend.

The problem? The city needs an army of Los Angeles residents to report where the potholes are. Seems simple enough, but that's what it's going to take to find them. And you can help.

Starting today, call 311 to report any potholes in your neighborhood. It's that simple -- and those called in early have the highest chance of getting repaired first.

Or, you can report potholes online at http://bss.lacity.org/request.htm. If you find them, the city will fix them.

If you're the organizing type, like most of the people I know in LA's Neighborhood Councils, e-mail your fellow board members and neighbors to see if they are interested in forming a "Pothole Patrol" and start scanning and scouting the streets of your community. With pencil and paper, smartphone or tablet computer in hand, walk or drive through your neighborhood and systematically document the potholes, then just report them.

If you're the joining type, you can sign up for a "Pothole Patrol" online at www.bigsunday.org and specify project 456 (Saturday) or project 457 (Sunday).

Potholes in LA. It's one thing to complain about them. Now it's easier than ever to do something about them.

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