Los Angeles School Vandalism Includes Swastikas, Possible Threat To President Obama

Leichman High School officials woke up to a surprise Monday morning, when it was discovered that the Los Angeles institution for special needs students had been vandalized over the weekend.

The vandalism contained a slew of offensive graffiti messages, including a statement that read “Kill Obama?” and was perceived by some to be a threat against the president. Additionally, there were depictions of swastikas, bombs and anti-Los Angeles Police Department messages, as a KTLA-TV video shows.

Though President Obama was in Los Angeles on Friday, it is not clear whether the vandalism was related to his visit, according to LAist.

The school serves several hundred disabled youths between the ages of 14 and 22, but students did not have to see the vandalism because school is out for the summer and summer school has not yet begun, reports KTLA. Staff members discovered the damage upon arrival early in the morning.

"It's a horrible thing to walk onto any campus and see an example of the kind of hate that exists in the world," said school principal Giovanni Trivino, per the Los Angeles Daily News.

In all, the damage to the school is expected to cost around $2,500, reports a local CBS outlet.

The school, which does not have a surveillance camera, was also vandalized in May. The Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles School Police are currently investigating both occurrences, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.



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