Los Angeles Tuba Heist: High Schools Become Target Of Thefts

Thefts of iPods, wallets and cellphones are, unfortunately, all too common in high schools -- but the latest high school theft trend has left Los Angeles school administrators and band geeks scratching their heads. Four Los Angeles County high schools have been the recent victims of tuba heists.

A recent band-room burglary left a Los Angeles County high school without its upright concert tuba and silver sousaphone (also known as a marching-band tuba), which together are worth around $13,000, according to the Los Angeles Times. The theft of these tubas raises the school's tuba casualty toll to five instruments this semester alone.

A few weeks earlier, eight tubas were stolen from a nearby high school. And 10 years ago, Fremont High School had 13 tubas -- this year, the school band was down to its last tuba, which was stolen in June. The Los Angeles Times noted that the schools in question are in an area with a very large Hispanic immigrant population and where banda, dance music which is heavily reliant on the tuba, is very popular.

The Los Angeles tuba thefts aren't the only high school robberies this past week. Last Friday, two Florida teens were arrested for a major theft during a high school football game. After losing the game, the team returned to their locker room to find that many of their personal belongings -- including include watches, clothing and shoes, electronics, wallets, cellphones, and money -- were missing. Nearly $8,000 worth of property was stolen, and the duo responsible was arrested the next morning at a local fast food restaurant. And last night in Nevada, an 18-year-old was arrested for stealing the money in a concession stand at a youth soccer league game taking place at a high school gym.