'Yarn Bombing' In Los Angeles

The NY Times just published a report on "yarn bombing," or "grandma graffiti," a type of graffiti that involves knitting or crocheting clothes, cozies, and more on public fixtures like statues, lampposts, and trees. And while it's technically graffiti, it can also easily be swept away with a few snips of the scissor. The New York Times is calling it a global D.I.Y. movement to inspire and delight local communities -- as well as provide a counterpoint to male-dominated street art movements. The piece highlights some of the movement's godmothers, like Texan Magda Sayeg, who started with a doorknob in 2005 and has just been hired by Toyota to knit a prius sweater.

"Yarn bombing" has been on our radar since the beginning of this year, when the Griffith Park Bear received his own tumblr and a wardrobe of cutesy yarn sweaters, jumpers, and short pants.

Video by Vimeo: Jennifer Sharpe via NPR.

Not that we're endorsing graffiti (even in its most benign and adorable form), but is there anything else in Los Angeles that seems to be a little... cold? Which LA statues are in need of a new sweater, scarf, or hat? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below.