Lose 10 Pounds in a Snap With Just a Few Minor Lifestyle Changes

Fortunately, even when hitting the gym and dieting can't make a difference, small lifestyle changes can totally shift the conversation. I quickly realized that changing just a handful of habits in my everyday life was the best method possible of shedding that final 10.
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By Rebecca Endicott, writer at LittleThings

I don't know about you, but almost everyone I know is looking to unload that last 10 pounds.

Personally, I know there are tons of ways to feel better in my body instantly. It's just that I think wistfully of being able to fit into that gorgeous cocktail dress or stellar pair of designer jeans I bought just a few pounds ago.

I don't want a major body overhaul; I am chock-full of body positivity, from my stretch marks to my cellulite. It's more about banishing those last few pounds to save money and get back into clothes that I just love, but can't wear.

Fortunately, even when hitting the gym and dieting can't make a difference, small lifestyle changes can totally shift the conversation. I quickly realized that changing just a handful of habits in my everyday life was the best method possible of shedding that final 10.

From paying closer attention to the way I eat to changing my morning commute, here are my favorite ways to lose weight, without a drastic diet or exercise plan!

What do you think of these quick and easy tips for weight loss? Let us know in the comments below!

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

So much of the weight that we hold onto is water weight. If you make sure that you're well-hydrated, you'll also make sure that your body is getting rid of all the water it doesn't need.

Beyond that, drinking plenty of fluids is a great way to clear toxins and excess from your body, and feel more satiated. Studies suggest that often, when we think we're hungry, we're actually thirsty.

Looking for some flavor? Throw in some fresh-cut fruit -- like lemon, lime, or strawberries -- for natural infusion! It'll taste great and help you shed pounds!

Keep A Food Journal

We're not saying that it's a good idea to track every single calorie and nutrient, but it can be helpful to keep an eye on what you eat. Make a brief list of everything you eat in a given day.

This will give you a real sense of how much food your taking in, especially those mid-morning snacks or high-fat lattes that you might otherwise forget.

Up Your Protein

Personally, I often find that my meals are more carbohydrates than anything else.

Eating carbs is good for a quick burst of energy, but to really amp up your metabolism and stay full for more than an hour or two, it's important to eat lots of lean protein, like grilled chicken and tofu to keep your energy burning stronger and longer.

Get A Good Night's Sleep

Just about everyone is working their tushes off these days. It can be easy to lose sleep when you're stressing over a project at the office, or trying to decompress with your favorite show.

But hitting the hay early can make a huge difference, helping your body burn calories more efficiently and preventing you from aimlessly snacking to keep your energy levels up.

Throw Out The Scale

When you're worried about weight loss, it can be easy to become a slave to your scale. It's important to remember that your scale doesn't usually know the whole story.

You might temporarily lose weight because you're dehydrated, or gain because you're building muscle. Ignore the numbers and pay attention to how your body feels and how your clothes fit. Those are the real indicators.

Keep Fidgeting

It sounds funny, but when you look at naturally skinny people, you'll notice that they have a habit in common: almost all of them are fidgety.

Whether that means twirling your hair, tapping your foot, filing your nails, or all three, it's not a bad idea to make your day a little more active by cultivating a fidget, especially if you work a desk job where you sit all day.

Change Your Commute

Unless you live in a major city, you probably take your car to work in the morning. While it's quick and easy, it's also a lot of extra time sitting down.

If possible, consider building some exercise into your day by walking or biking to work, or just walking to the commuter train station of a subway. It's better for the environment, and it will get you out in the fresh air.

Don't Skip Breakfast

Your mom probably always told you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Well, we hate to say it, but she told you so.

Breakfast really is important: starting your day with protein and fiber (think oatmeal and yogurt) is a great way to kick your metabolism off to a strong start for the day, and get you burning off the pounds in no time flat.

What's your favorite quick and easy tip for dropping those last few pounds?

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