Lose weight? Check. Start exercising? Check. Stop smoking? Check...?

Some of the week's biggest queer wellness stories.
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Each week LGBT HealthLink , a Program of CenterLink, and researcher and blogger Corey Prachniak, bring you a round up of some of the biggest LGBT wellness stories from the past seven days. For more LGBT Wellness, visit a page dedicated to the topic here.

Keeping Your New Year’s Smoking Resolution

CNN reported that quitting smoking – while a popular New Year’s resolution – is also one of the hardest to keep. With LGBT adults smoking at a 50% higher rate than other adults, many queer folks may be facing this challenge as 2017 rolls along. You can find helpful apps and advice, tailored to the LGBT community, here.

Marijuana Tied to More Partners Among Youth

Researchers found that marijuana use among LGB youth was associated with increased odds of having multiple sexual partners, something that is considered a risk factor for contracting sexually transmitted infection among youth. The research also showed that LGB youth were more likely than heterosexual youth to be using marijuana throughout the course of the study.

Transgender Health Protections Halted

A federal judge halted protections for transgender people in healthcare from taking effect, putting into jeopardy one of the Obama administration’s key measures in support of LGBT equality, as well as a significant-if-under-reported aspect of the Affordable Care Act. Advocates say the protections are essential to ensuring transgender people can access healthcare services.

Advocate Offers HPV 101

The Advocate opined that HPV is an under-discussed topic in the LGBT community, which suffers from the disease but is often not targeted for prevention by public health efforts. There are many strands of HPV which have different levels of consequences, with the worst closely linked to cancer. Smoking and concurrent HIV infection can also increase risks with HPV.

How to Improve Data on Queer Health

Researchers published a comprehensive report on incorporating measures of sexual orientation into public health surveys conducted by the government. While things have improved in recent years, data on sexual orientation (and gender identity) often goes uncollected - leaving the public without solid data on many aspects of queer health.

Community Centers Step Up Aging Support

The Miami Herald reported on the issue of LGBT aging in South Florida, a region known for both its queer community and its popularity among older adults. They report that many LGBT community centers are trying to provide support as their constituents age, seeming to help fill the role that senior centers hold for the general population.

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