New Study Finds Losing Friends When Coming Out Could Have Dire Consequences

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Lack of Acceptance When Coming Out Ups Likelihood of Suicide Attempts For LGB Youth

A new study of sexual minority youth in Tennessee found that youth who lost friends while they came out were 29 times more likely to attempt suicide than those who didn’t. Those who experienced psychological maltreatment from caregivers were 9.5 times more likely to report a suicide attempt. The authors highlight the need to create affirming spaces for these youth, especially in areas that experience greater political oppression, like the Mid-South.

Discrimination And Provider Knowledge Have Big Impact on Trans Health
A new analysis of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that 30.8% of transgender people delayed or did not seek needed health care because of discrimination, and those that had to teach their doctors about trans health were 4x more likely to delay needed health care. The authors call for systemic changes in provider training.

Bi EDM Aficionados 4x More Likely to Report Lifetime Use Of Novel Psychoactive Drugs

Researchers asked electronic dance music party-goers about their lifetime use of novel psychoactive substances and found that bisexuals were four times more likely to use these drugs versus heterosexuals. Interestingly, almost 12% of the full sample reported being bi and 5% gay/lesbian; we usually only see about 4% reporting being LGB in the general population.

ESPN’s Body Issue To Feature First Trans Athlete

When it comes out next month, ESPN’s annual Body Issue will feature a transgender athlete for the first time. Chris Mosier was the first duathlete to make the U.S. national team and has advocated for the Olympics to be more accepting of transgender athletes.

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