Losing It? Get It Back in Three Steps


Tired? Stressed out? Lost your sense of balance?

I've got good news for you. You haven't lost anything. You've just forgotten how to access the natural sense of balance already within you.

Think of how young children are happy without reason. Most kids accept what's given to them, find their happiness in simple things, and don't have issues like adults do. Kids generally aren't stressed out about their lives. Their world of experience is small and they are easily in alignment with their natural internal happiness -- something many of us big kids have easily forgotten . . . that is, until we do something out of our mundane routine like go on vacation.

So why do we have to wait until a vacation to enjoy our lives, to feel that vacation freedom? Why can't we be happy and balanced right now?

As we age, we become distracted by the fears of the world and begin to stray from our innate sense of well-being. But balance is a natural state. And once we recognize our dilemma, we can return to better balance by removing the barriers and blockages within us, many of them created by our own thoughts and behaviors.

We can start feeling better right now without taking a cruise to the Bahamas--although that might help in the short term--because we can change our direction today.

Get your balance back by following 3 simple steps:

1. Awareness. Our powerful consciousness is absorbing everything in our immediate environment--sights, sounds, and smells--whether we realize it or not. In order to experience better balance in our lives, we must first become aware of the factors that influence us, including what's in our environment and relationships. Start paying attention to what you pay attention to, begin to choose more consciously, and see how this affects your sense of balance.

2. Alignment. Alignment happens both inside and outside of us. Internally, this means that we strive to be conscious of our thoughts, feelings, and intuition so that our behaviors reflect our true values. Externally, this means that over time, we bring our attitudes, actions, and words closer to our fundamental beliefs. Start seeking alignment with the environment and people who resonate with you and see how this shifts your energy.

3. Activation. Activation puts theory into practice and thoughts into motion. Without activation, good ideas are only ideas. Activation is the key to implementation and the third step to finding better balance. This is where your power to discern what is best for you is most important. This is where test your authentic self. Start making decisions that use data from your awareness and alignment, and see how your new thoughts affect your equilibrium.

Now, the next time that you want to conjure up the feelings of vacation freedom, start applying the three steps and see what happens. You might start feeling more balanced without ever leaving the shore.

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Image: Copyright: ocusfocus / 123RF Stock Photo