Losses by Whitman and Fiorina Are Good for America

Those two big-name Republican Candidates will spend more than $260 million in California races!

It seems that voters of California have finally come to their senses. It's a great thing for the country!

The most recent USC/Los Angeles Times Poll shows Edmund "Jerry" Brown with a 13 point lead over Republican hopeful Meg Whitman among likely voters. It also shows, despite earlier difficulties, that Senator Barbara Boxer has taken an eight point lead over Carly Fiorina at 50 percent to Fiorina's 42 percent.

Despite spending $130 million of her own money Whitman finds her numbers sliding to 39 percent while Brown's have risen to 52 percent. Brown has spent less than half of what the Whitman campaign has.

It appears that Californian's have spurned the inanity of the Tea Party and are looking toward the health of the country and the state as priorities in their Senatorial and Gubernatorial selections. Californians have always led in putting the needs of the nation ahead of self-interest.

Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina, though not as crazy as other candidates endorsed by the Tea Party, have little interest in the people of California caring only about the power that these positions would give them.

The state's smartest voters apparently have better memories than the two aspiring candidates had hoped. Whitman's own admission confirms that she has never voted in a California election which on its own merit should disqualify her from serving the people. Additionally, Fiorina's tenure at Hewlett-Packard was disastrous and the lay-offs and outsourcing of American jobs will not soon be forgotten by those she let go. She cannot be respected having walked away with a cool $40 million after running HP into the ground.

Californians are also sending a clear message that candidates cannot buy an election no matter how much money they have. Ms. Whitman's sanity in spending $130 million of her own money for a job that pays $165,000 a year is questionable.

The movement away from the Tea Party in the Golden State is an important move in a more rational direction. Granted many in Congress need to be replaced, but if we in California were going to make a change in Washington the replacement of Diane Feinstein would have been more practical.

Hopefully, the wisdom demonstrated by California voters will become infectious throughout the rest of the country, especially where Tea Party candidates are clearly unqualified.

Delaware appears to have already rejected the zaniness of Christine O'Donnell. Kentuckians, having endured Jim Bunning and currently stuck with the inept Mitch McConnell need to take a careful look at the lunacy in what Rand Paul wants to do. Alaska voters must question their decision in selecting Joe Miller over Lisa Murkowski. And Sharon Angle in Nevada, in a normal election, wouldn't even be close to Harry Reid, despite his apparent timidity.

But the fight in Wisconsin is the most perplexing. Wisconsin voters appear to be poised to unleash their Tea Party wrath on one of the best Senators in the country, Russ Feingold. Like Whitman and Fiorina, Ron Johnson is spending millions of dollars to buy an election.

Feingold consistently votes for the people of Wisconsin. He was one of only eight Senators that saw the destructive provisions in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Bill and voted against its passage in 1999. He voted against the bailout of the big banks that caused the banking crisis when he voted against TARP. He voted for extending unemployment benefits for Wisconsans who have been unable to find a job as a result of this unprecedented recession; a recession caused by the Bush Administration and a Republican Congress.

In this mid-term election, Russ Feingold, a true statesmen, should be reelected by a landslide. In this bizarre election cycle voters in Wisconsin need to evaluate their alternatives before next week.

We have one week until this important election. Californian's have regained their sanity by rejecting the false promises of Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina. They are rejecting the failed Republican policies that created the morass this country is locked in.

It's not too late for the rest of the country to come to their senses before inflicting irreversible damage.

But are American voters smart enough to keep us heading toward recovery?

We'll soon find out.