'Lost' Ansel Adams Photographs Found, Worth $200 Million

WATCH: 'Lost' Ansel Adams Photographs Found At Garage Sale, Worth $200 Million

Ansel Adams is known far and wide as the "father of American photography" because of his lasting and innovative work with nature photography and landscapes. Exhibited in every prestigious hall from San Francisco's MOMA to Washington DC's Phillips Collection, Adams was a California based photographer who transformed images of mountains, churches, lakes, and trees into sweeping black and whites that overwhelm with power.

Today, CNN reports that his vast collection of work will now be supplemented by the discovery of 65 glass plates of Adams' work, believed to have been taken between 1919 and 1930. Purchased for $45 a decade ago at a garage sale by Rick Norsigian, these 65 photographs are being considered the "missing link" in Adams' career and were once thought lost in a fire.

Check out CNN's report below...

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