Lost Dalmatian Found Spot-On Place To Wait For His Humans: A Firehouse

Well, hot dog!

This pup is on fiiiiiiire.

A lost Dalmatian-mix puppy temporarily made himself at home in a firehouse.

On Sept. 20, the dog snuck under the garage door of a Florida fire station as an engine was returning from a call, according to a post on Hillsborough County Fire Rescue’s Facebook page. The crafty canine quickly made himself part of the crew.

“There’s nothing more American than a Dalmatian in a firehouse,” Corey Dierdorff, public information officer at the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue told Inside Edition. “The fact that this guy was lost, found the firehouse and made himself at home, that was an incredible experience for everyone involved.”

The pleasant pooch was a little dirty, but he didn’t look underfed.

“He was a very well-mannered, well-trained dog,” Dierdorff told ABC. “So we knew right away that it was somebody’s dog.”

The firefighters gave him some grub and a bath, and soon discovered he wasn’t micro-chipped.

They soon took to Facebook to let locals know they found the hound. A short while later, a family responded to the announcement.

“There were a couple of marks on the dog that only the owner would know about, and they identified those,” Dierdorff told The Dodo. “We wanted to make sure they were the right owners.”

It ends up the dog’s name is Chico and he lived only a mile away from the station. He had been missing for a day.

Chico was back home with his humans by the evening.

Though the firefighters were happy to find Chico’s people, they were sad to see him go.

“It was bittersweet,” Dierdorff told the site. “But I’m pretty sure there’s a relationship starting there and that it won’t be the last time Chico visits the station. He’s welcome back anytime.”



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