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'Lost Girl' Season 2 Will Air Very Soon On Syfy In U.S.

Every day on my Twitter feed, I hear from new converts to "Lost Girl," and that is a beautiful thing.

Since the Syfy show premiered in January, it's gained quite the appreciative American audience. As I said in this recent piece, I've been greatly enjoying the first season of "Lost Girl," which follows the adventures of a succubus called Bo and her sidekick Kenzi, and it sounds like a number of people who've checked out the first half-dozen episodes are similarly entranced.

Here's a piece of good news about the show: Syfy will be airing the second season of "Lost Girl" right after Season 1 concludes on April 9. That's right -- if you're impatient, you are in luck: Season 2 begins a week later on April 16. Given that Season 2 is 22 episodes long, we could be seeing a lot of Bo, Kenzi, Lauren and Dyson this year. No complaints here!

As longtime fans of the show know, "Lost Girl" first premiered in Canada in 2010, and the second season of the show is already airing there (a third season has been commissioned as well). When the show premiered on Syfy, it wasn't known when the second season would air.

But now we know we've got lots of "Lost Girl" in our future -- so there's no reason not to catch up, especially if you're a fan of tonally nimble yet emotionally satisfying supernatural fare. There are frequent "Lost Girl" repeats on the network's schedule, so give it a whirl if you have a chance.

The show's Season 1 episodes are listed here, and my Canadian colleagues have come up with a very useful primer on the show. For those already on board, I've added a preview clip of Monday's typically sparky episode to this post. But here's a little heads up: Episode 7, which airs Feb. 27, is my favorite "Lost Girl" hour yet.

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