All This Goat Wants In Life Is A Cup Of Coffee At Starbucks

"She’s a really happy and sweet goat. She’s also pretty curious."

She needed some coffee baaaaaaaaaad... and she's not kidding. 

Police in Northern California responded to an unusual call over the weekend when a goat turned up inside a local Starbucks.

Rohnert Park police Sgt. Rick Bates told CBS San Francisco that the goat wandered in when the store was opening. One of the workers tried to give the goat a banana, but the animal started chewing on a box instead

The Rohnert Park Police Department posted photos of the encounter on its Facebook page:

Eventually, they were able to catch the goat and turn it over to animal control officers:

A few hours later, the goat's owners came to collect her. 

As it turns out, the goat, named Millie, lives just a few doors down from the Starbucks, the Santa Rose Press Democrat reported.

"When we heard, we thought she was a little crazy,” 12-year-old Alan Ergenbright, one of the goat's owners told the newspaper. "She’s a really happy and sweet goat. She’s also pretty curious."

Alan said he'll do his best to ensure that curiosity no longer gets the best of the goat.

"We’re going to build a fence today so she doesn’t get away again, and so she can walk around freely," he was quoted as saying.