'Lost Photos' Of Marilyn Monroe Surface In Time For Her 90th Birthday

Days after her 90th birthday, we're still staring at photos Of young Marilyn Monroe.

In one photo, Marilyn Monroe beams at the camera, backlit by a sky of impossibly idyllic mountains. In another, wearing a perfect pink dress, she ignores her documentarian in favor of a dog, that unforgettable platinum mop overshadowing her face.

There are many, many more like this -- photos filled with fur coats and off-the-shoulder tops and cat-eye glasses, the trappings of 1950s and 1960s Hollywood glamour. The "Lost Photos" series encompasses it all, even the less venerated, like a sweatshirt-clad Monroe standing in the company of two trash-grazing black bears

Part of Limited Runs' vintage collection, along with the partially nude "Red Velvet" series, the "Lost Photos" give a glimpse into the on-camera life of a woman born 90 years ago this June. She's been dead for over half a century, but her image lives on, even more so on the internet, where photos of her early life circulate with speed. She's kept immortal that way, frozen in a state of eternal pinup youth.

Limited Runs' "Lost Photos" and more are on view June 10, 11 and 12, as part of a 90th birthday celebration exhibition at Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills, California. See a selection of the stunning shots below.

See even more photos of Monroe below.



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