There Might Be A 'Lost' Reboot In The Works, According To ABC Showrunner

This Awesome Reboot Will Make Up For 'Lost' Time

If you haven't had your fill of polar bears and smoke monsters in a while, there's good news: "Lost" may once again be found on ABC. (See what we did there?)

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The show's executive producer Carlton Cuse told Entertainment Weekly "it’s likely" that ABC will eventually want to reboot "Lost" because it is such a worthwhile and valuable franchise. Cuse claims he is done with the program because he told the story he wanted to, but he expects ABC to eventually hire new writers who will put their own spin on it.

"Lost" and its oceanic six survivors captivated (and deeply confused) audiences from 2004 - 2010. The show always had people guessing and even left some questions after the finale.

In regard to the reboot, there's no word if any of the stars would return, but we have a pretty good idea if you're wondering, "What does Matthew Fox say?"

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