Lost Sloth Tries To Cross The Road, Gets Stranded In The Most Adorable Way

Transport officials in Ecuador rushed to rescue the animal.

Transport officials in Ecuador were tasked with an unusual mission last week: to rescue an apparently lost -- and clearly adorable -- sloth who had tried to cross a city road but then got trapped in the middle of it.

According to a Jan. 22 Facebook post by Ecuador’s transport commission, the lost sloth was discovered clinging to a guard rail in the city of Quevedo.

The sloth had somehow made it halfway across the street when it decided to take a breather.

The animal was “struggling to cross” the road, a spokesperson from the commission told Buzzfeed.

Transport officials said on Facebook that they rescued the sloth, and brought it to the veterinarian. After the animal was given a clean bill of health, it was returned to the wild.

“The cute fellow was OK and taken back to its habitat,” the spokesperson told Buzzfeed.

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