How Social Media Reunited A Lost Stuffed Lion With His Family

Not every stuffed animal search ends with a happy reunion -- but thankfully, this one does. Thanks to the joint powers of Facebook and Twitter, a lost lion named "Roar" is now safe and sound in the arms of his owner, Phoebe.

Last Friday, a woman named Lauren Bishop Vranch from London, England found this little guy in the subway and decided to enlist the help of Twitter to try to find its rightful home.

Soon, her photo was picked up by the Facebook group "Spotted: On The Train," and it reached the eyes of the father whose young daughter had accidentally left it behind at the station. A reunion between the little girl and her lost lion toy was quickly planned -- but not before the animal went on a few adventures of his own.

Vranch decided to have some fun with Twitter while she and "Roar" (who she originally thought was a bear) were waiting to find his owner. Scroll down to see what they got up to over the weekend.

And finally... here he is, happily home:

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