Couple Reunited With Wedding Ring Lost In Hawaii Thanks To GPS Coordinates

The numbers inscribed inside the ring helped it find its way back to Kansas.

They say love always finds a way.

In early July, while Brandon and Megan Schumacher were lounging on the beach during their honeymoon on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Brandon took off his brand-new wedding ring for safekeeping.

I took my ring off to put it in the nosepiece of my goggles because I was tired of getting sunscreen caked on it,” Schumacher told ABC News. Some time later, he looked down at his finger only to realize he had completely forgotten about the wedding band.

“I started to mess with my GoPro, got distracted and walked out to the water, and the next thing I know an hour had passed and the ring was gone,” he told KMBC 9 News.

The couple searched the sand and sea to find the missing ring, even flagging down a man with a metal detector to help them look. But after hours of searching, they came up empty-handed.

After checking local pawn shops and filing a police report, the couple’s hopeless search was forced to an end when they flew home to Kansas. The couple accepted fate, and Megan even ordered a replacement ring.

The ring could have been lost on the island if it weren’t for a very important set of numbers inscribed on its interior: The GPS coordinates of the church where the couple wed.

Two weeks after the Schumachers’ return home, they received an email from their church telling them that an Oregon couple vacationing in Maui had found their wedding ring while walking in ankle-deep water

Dean Barnes and his wife were able to locate the Schumacher’s church thanks to the coordinates inscribed inside the ring. Once the church connected the two couples, the Barnes mailed the ring back to the Schumachers in Kansas, along with a note.

“I informed Megan that it was not our ring and that she did not owe us anything,” Dean Barnes wrote in the letter, obtained by ABC News. “All I asked was that Megan and Brandon go back to Maui or another vacation and enjoy themselves and leave their rings at home.”

The Schumachers were so overjoyed when UPS delivered the wedding band to their home that they filmed the event.

In the video, which was republished by KMBC 9 News, Brandon Schumacher promised to never take the ring off again.



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