Chicago Couple Finds Lost Wedding Ring In Their Frozen Pipes

Chicago Couple Finds Family Treasure In Their Frozen Pipes

For most of us, dealing with frozen pipes is a real pain in the you-know-what. But for one Chicago couple, it ended up leading to a very happy discovery.

The week-long cold snap caused plumbing issues for many Chicagoans, like Tara Catogge and her husband Ian Comes of Willowbrook, Ill. While they were doing repairs, they came across a diamond and sapphire wedding ring that they later learned had been missing for five years, according to WGN Chicago.

Catogge cleaned off the ring and then set out to find its rightful owner. She was eventually able to track down the couple who had lived in the house before them.

Turns out, the previous owners thought they lost the ring at a family gathering and had been looking for it for years.

“These things happen in the movies usually,” Catogge told WGN. “It's almost a cliché that you find a ring in the drain in the bathroom. We have nothing but the fondest feelings about this horrible ice storm; it's a happy New Year indeed.”

Catogge and Comes are hardly the first pair to find a lost ring years after it went missing. In December 2013, South Carolina man Jacob Hickman took his car in to get serviced. A technician removed the back seat of the car and found an engagement ring that his frat brother's fiancée had lost back in 2007.

For more on Catogge and Comes' amazing story, watch the video above.

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