Listen To The Ecstatic Reactions Of Lotto Winners In Britain When They Find Out They're Millionaires (AUDIO)

Britain's National Lottery has released tapes of people finding out they'd won up to $9 million [£5.8 million], and the recordings are making our morning.

Andy Garth, 29, found out he'd won a $1,557,600 [£1 million] -- on his birthday.

Keith Williams, 54, finds out he's a millionaire around the :40 mark. The National Lottery operator asks him, "Are you sitting down," before she breaks the news. Warning: You may want to let out a "Woo!" after listening to his reaction.

Tracy Tyler, 37, won the jackpot sum of $9,064,929 [£5,819,806] last month. In her call, when she realizes she might have the numbers, she says she's having a brain spasm.

Meanwhile, Carly Wiggett, 23, and her friend Becky Witt, 24, can't wrap their heads around the $523,786 [£336,277.60] they won in March. "It hasn't sunk in yet," Wiggett says in the beginning of her call. She adds that her mom had read them their horoscopes, which suggested they may win if they played together.

Alas, we have not won any money. But just listening to these reactions has got us feeling like a million bucks.



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