Lou Dobbs Says Democrats Literally Want To Overthrow The Government

"They would love to carry out an actual coup d'etat," the Fox Business host complained.

Settle down, Lou.

In a conversation on his Fox Business show Wednesday, Lou Dobbs accused Democrats of wanting to overthrow the government. As in “carry out an actual coup d’etat.”

Guest Byron York of The Washington Examiner told the host that House Democrats could not rely on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation to provide the basis for impeaching President Donald Trump.

In a bit of a stretch, Dobbs replied that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the House intelligence committee chairman, said Mueller should be investigated for his probe. (Schiff actually questioned whether Mueller’s probe is going deep enough into Trump’s ties to Deutsche Bank.)

“They have realized they’ve gotta do it themselves,” York said of the Democratic lawmakers. “They cannot depend on Mueller but they want to keep pursuing the president.”

“No, they want to destroy the man,” Dobbs replied in the exchange shared by Media Matters, above. “They want to subvert his administration. They would love to carry out an actual coup d’état.”

Dobbs has used the c-word previously to describe Democratic opposition to the president, like here and here.

But apparently, it never gets old.

Watch the snippet above or check out a longer look at Dobbs’ show below.

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