Lou Dobbs Does Meg Whitman Does Zoe Baird

"Well, I guess you are never going to run for political office."

That's what my friend's partner told her when Meg Whitman's housekeeper, Nicandra Diaz, turned the Whitman campaign upside down. (And I thought the undocumented had no power because they had no vote.)

It turns out that if you are a moderately well-heeled American, you probably have a Nicandra Diaz in your closet. (At least cleaning it out). If not a housekeeper, then a nanny, a gardener, or just the guy who helped build your deck.

Or in Lou Dobbs' case looked after his horses.

Et tu, Lou?

It's easy to snicker at the great American hypocrisy of the loudest anti-illegal immigration voices caught with their hands in the undocumented cookie jar.

But if this isn't a wake-up call for the need for immigration reform, I don't know what is. Not for humanitarian reasons. Not for economic reasons. Not for social justice reasons. But for purely selfish reasons for our ruling elite.

If we don't do something about immigration reform we are soon going to have no one left to run for political office anymore.

Let each person render me her bloody hand:
First, Zoe Baird, will I shake with you;
Next, Linda Chavez, do I take your hand;
Now, Michael Huffington, yours; And my valiant Meg, yours.
Though last, not least in love, yours, good Lou.
Gentlemen (and women) all, -- alas! what shall I say?
Our credit now stands on such slippery ground.
That one of two bad ways you must conceit us.
Either a hypocrite or a hypocrite.

The housekeeper has come out of the closet. And the dirty laundry is out there for all to see.
How many more head honchos need to be added to the list before we admit that our lives are inextricably dependent on the labor of the Nicandra Diazes of the world?

We might say they are like members of our family (the wayward kind that you cast out in the cold at the hint of trouble, but family nonetheless.) Their boys might play with your mini-schnauzer. We trust them to put our children to bed. (We even trust them with our horses, apparently).

We just don't trust them with a path to legalization.

Meg Whitman is trapped. The compassionate Whitman would have tried to help her "family member" fix her status. The hardline law-abiding Whitman should have reported her because what part of illegal did she not understand.

She did neither. She decided to wash her hands off the matter and turn a blind eye - a stance that satisfied neither side of the debate. Ironically, it's probably the stance most Americans would have taken.

But it made Meg Whitman a hypocrite. The Empress had no clothes.

Well, that's what happens when you fire your housekeeper.