OOPS! Lou Dobbs Retracts Botched Fox Graphic After Trump Brags About It

The poll wasn't nearly as favorable as the president thought. In fact, it was just the opposite.

President Donald Trump proudly tweeted a Fox Business graphic that aired on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” and showed him with a 55% approval rating. 

Just one problem: The graphic was wrong and that number actually represented his unfavorable rating in the Georgetown poll, as explained by Mo Elleithee, director of the university’s Institute of Politics & Public Service:

Dobbs, a staunch Trump supporter who last year called the president “pretty close to perfect,” issued a retraction on his show Thursday. 

“I’d like to repair something I got wrong last night, incorrectly reporting that a Georgetown poll showed the president had an overall approval rating of 55%,” he said. “The number, in fact, is 43%.”