Even Lou Dobbs Admits Donald Trump's Rally In Tulsa Was 'A Mess'

There's "no question about it," said the Fox Business host, an ardent Trump ally.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Monday took time out from his regular fawning over Donald Trump to admit that even he thought the president’s underattended campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, over the weekend was a “mess.”

“This is, no question about it, it’s a mess for the campaign,” Dobbs said of the event at the 19,000-capacity BOK Center that was reportedly only around one-third full.

“Not necessarily for the president, but it’s a mess for him,” Dobbs confusingly added.

Dobbs, who last month said Trump is “arguably the greatest president in our history,” asked GOP strategist Ed Rollins if there should be a shakeup of Trump’s campaign team.

Rollins expressed concern over Trump’s inexperienced campaign manager Brad Parscale, and explained why it was naive for Parscale to claim that 1 million people had registered for rally tickets.

Check out the segment here:

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