Lou Dobbs Declares Donald Trump 'Unbeatable At The Polls'

The Fox Business host also claimed Trump's "greatest offense" was simply being "unprecedented."

Lou Dobbs declared Tuesday that President Donald Trump is “unbeatable.”

After the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment report was released earlier in the day, the Fox Business host delivered his blowhard segment on “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

“It is now clear that ours is a historic president whose greatest offense is that he is simply unprecedented, and he is unbeatable at the polls,” he said.

But first Dobbs took aim at committee chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and the report, calling it an “overarching fantasy of presidential impeachment” full of “delusional accusers.”

The impeachment proceedings now pass to the House Judiciary Committee, which was set to begin its own hearings on Wednesday.

Watch Dobbs above.