Lou Dobbs: Health Experts Not Recognizing Donald Trump's 'Leadership'

The Fox Business host said the president "has been proven right at every point," but still faces coronavirus condemnation from "the left."

Lou Dobbs’ unabashed worship of President Donald Trump during the coronavirus pandemic went up another notch on Wednesday. (See the video above.)

The Fox Business host complained that health experts aren’t acknowledging the president’s “leadership” in fighting the crisis, and that “the left” condemns Trump for saving lives.

In an interview with the far-right Gatestone Institute’s Gordon Chang on “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” the host lauded Trump’s travel restrictions from China to try to fend off the outbreak earlier this year, echoing a talking point that Trump himself uses to defend his slow response to the crisis.

Dobbs also parroted Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that the restriction reduced the U.S. death toll substantially, and that Trump defied health experts in imposing the limitation (a claim that has been disproven).

“We should point out that the president put that travel ban into place against the judgment of many of his top public health experts who advise him every day, he did so then, he saved ― I think thousands of lives, as a result ― and certainly gave us an opportunity at least to begin to react to this crisis,” Dobbs said. “He also meets public condemnation from the left because he wants the stay-at-home order in place, he wants to be certain that we are saving American lives.

“He has been proved right at every point. And yet there is no acknowledgment of that from the left ... (or) an appropriate acknowledgment by our public health experts to what his leadership has meant for this country.”

Dobbs conveniently left out the president’s early blunders in failing to confront the virus. Trump reportedly ignored intelligence on the looming threat, called criticism a Democratic “hoax” and predicted it would disappear by April.