Lou Dobbs On Lynne Cheney Interview: "Now We Are Watching Power Bridling And Truth Being Spoken To Power"...

A partial transcript from CNN's The Situation Room:

DOBBS: Well, again with all due respect to Lynne Cheney, to anyone
else who wants to argue about the issue of "Broken Government." This is
a broken government that's been created by both Democratic and
Republican congresses and presidents. The fact is, both parties are not
working in the interest of the middle class.

If she thinks this is a partisan issue, I would urge her to focus on
our reporting. Pointing out -- point of fact that neither party is
serving the interests of the American people right now. And our working
people, most importantly, our working people, our middle class, are
working men and women and their families. Nothing could be farther from
the truth.

BLITZER: One thing about Lou Dobbs, he's an equal opportunity critic
against the Democrats and the Republicans.

DOBBS: Well, I'm probably a little heavier critic right now since the
Republicans are in charge. If we see that change, you can bet one thing
as you know, Wolf, probably be a little more heavily critical of what
the Democrats are doing.

BLITZER: Lou's book, and it's a best seller right now, "War on the
Middle Class," here it is right here. How the government, big business
and special interest groups are waging war on the American dream and how
to fight back. It's doing very well as it should do.

DOBBS: Terrific interview with Lynne Cheney. And it really, it was
very revealing. In terms of the tone and the tact that's being taken.
Now we are watching power bridling and truth being spoken to power.
Kudos to you, Wolf.

BLITZER: Lou, thanks very much.

DOBBS: Thank you.

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