'Chickenhawk' Lou Dobbs Ripped For 'Cowardly' Attack On American Generals

The Fox Business host slammed U.S. military leaders as "snowflakes" in a bizarre Independence Day attack.

Lou Dobbs celebrated Independence Day in an unusual way: He attacked American generals as “snowflakes” and said they “haven’t won a war since 1991.” 

The Fox Business host was upset by reports that military leaders were concerned about attending President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” event at the Lincoln Memorial as it could be too political 

As CNN notes, Defense Department guidelines prohibit uniformed service members from taking part in political events.

Dobbs responded by attacking U.S. generals on Twitter ― and he did it on the Fourth of July:

Dobbs was immediately called out on social media for his attack, by veterans and others, with many noting that he never served in the military himself despite being of age during the Vietnam War: