Lou Dobbs Blasts Supreme Court After It Rejects Pennsylvania Election Case

The subdued Fox Business host got in his Dobbs-ian digs as the GOP's baseless efforts fizzled again.

A deflated Lou Dobbs on Tuesday called the Supreme Court’s rejection of a GOP bid to overturn Pennsylvania’s election results “cowardly.”

The high court, which includes three justices appointed by President Donald Trump, declined to question the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over Trump. Republicans had claimed the state’s expanded mail-in ballot system was unconstitutional in a long-shot bid to support Trump’s baseless whining that the election was rigged.

“Well, the Supreme Court demurred: courage lacking, and the will to stand up for the Constitution now very much in question,” Dobbs, a Trump acolyte, said on his Fox Business show. (You can watch video of his reaction below.)

Dobbs was especially irked that the justices made the decision without commenting on the matter.

“I mean, it really looks awful for them not to have said anything, to have not been enlightening in any way,” he griped to Greg Teufel, an attorney representing the GOP in the case. “It’s downright frustrating, but it’s also very cowardly on the part, it seems to me, of the court.”

Dobbs’ reaction to the news was far more subdued than his viral Monday rant directed at White House adviser Stephen Miller and other “gutless” Republicans, as Dobbs put it, for bungling their attempts to make Trump’s efforts to delegitimize the election succeed.

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