Lou Dobbs Reaches 'North Korea Levels' Of Trump Adoration With Bizarre Poll

The Fox Business host asked viewers to rate the president's leadership during the coronavirus pandemic from "very good" to "superb."

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs took his exaltation of President Donald Trump to new highs on Wednesday.

In a poll shared on-air and on Twitter, Dobbs asked viewers to rate the president’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, opting, as he regularly does on air, to call the new coronavirus the “Wuhan Virus” ― a xenophobic misnomer that the World Health Organization has repeatedly asked people not to use.

His poll offered three ratings, ranging from “very good” to “superb.”

Dobbs read the polling options sincerely on air, urging viewers to cast their votes on Twitter.

In reality, Trump’s response to the coronavirus has lost him the confidence of many voters, and a majority of Americans do not feel as if they can’t trust the information he shares about coronavirus, according to a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll.

The president’s slow response and repeated downplaying of the outbreak’s severity created dangerous complacency and squandered valuable time needed to prepare for and mitigate the crisis, which has now resulted in more than 7,000 infections and 97 deaths in the U.S.

Twitter users noted that even for Dobbs, who is among Trump’s most devoted allies, this level of praise was disturbing and reminiscent of dictatorship propagandists.

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