Every Marvel Lover's Dream: Lou Ferrigno, Chris Hemsworth And Stan Lee 'Battle' At Wizard Con

Original Hulk And Modern Day Thor 'Battle' It Out

Talk about a powerful trio! Lou Ferrigno, otherwise known as the Incredible Hulk, posted a photo to his Facebook page from Wizard World Comic Con in Sacramento, Calif., in which he's battling it out with Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor), as comics legend -- and former president and chairman of Marvel -- Stan Lee tries to break them up.

Were they trying to recreate this epic 1988 photo?

lou ferrigno the hulk

Either way, we'll take this in poster size. Thanks.

Hemsworth is set to reprise the role of Thor in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," scheduled for release in summer 2015. Mark Ruffalo will play The Hulk in that one.

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