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Lough Foyle 'Monster'? Creature Filmed In Ireland Could Be Country's Loch Ness Monster (VIDEO)

A film crew shooting a short movie on Ireland's Lough Foyle, near County Donegal, took this video of what appears to be a large creature swimming beneath the surface of the tidal estuary.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube on April 15 with the title "Monster in Lough Foyle!" and has received more than 170,000 views at the time of this writing. In the video's description, filmmaker Conall Melarkey (not to be confused with "malarkey") notes that whales have been sighted in Lough Foyle before, so it's probable that the mysterious creature has a perfectly ordinary explanation.

The Belfast Telegraph accused the student filmmakers of setting up the Lough Foyle video.

"When viewed at higher definitions, there are several tethering cables seen off the second boat," the newspaper wrote.

Some commenters on YouTube could not resist aiming snark at the video of the alleged monster.

"I am somewhat of an expert in the field of the unknown and -- in my opinion -- it appears to be a large Monstersaurus or related species. They are quite rare, so you were lucky to catch sight of it," wrote YouTube user ouijaboy666.

Do you think the Lough Foyle "monster" is a whale? A farce? A prehistoric creature from the deep? Take our poll and let us know in the comments.