Louie Gohmert: Anderson Cooper Was 'Attacking My Integrity' During Interview On 'Terror Baby' Plot

Louie Gohmert: Anderson Cooper Was 'Attacking My Integrity' During Interview On 'Terror Baby' Plot

Rep. Louie Gohmert is taking aim at CNN personality Anderson Cooper on the heels of the pair finding themselves engaged in a heated debate over the existence of an alleged "terror baby" plot during a televised interview last week.

The Lufkin Daily News reports on what Gohmert had to say about the exchange at the opening of the Angelina County Republican Party campaign headquarters in Texas over the weekend:

Gohmert briefly spoke about his CNN interview with Anderson Cooper this past week in which "terror babies" -- children born for the purpose of having American passports that can later be used for terrorism -- were discussed.

"Cooper spent his time attacking my integrity in that interview because I would not give away the names of my sources," Gohmert said. "One of my sources said if anyone knew who she was that she would be killed. He did not need to know my sources and I was not going to put people's lives in danger."

Gohmert -- who has repeatedly sounded alarm over a supposed "terror baby" threat -- reacted angrily when Cooper asked him to cite evidence to support his incendiary argument on the issue.

Here's the exchange that went down on Thursday's edition of "Anderson Cooper 360":

COOPER: What research? Can you tell us about the research?

GOHMERT: You are attacking the messenger, Anderson, you are better than this. You used to be good. You used to find that there was a problem and you would go after it.

COOPER: Sir, I am asking you for evidence of something that you said on the floor of the House.

GOHMERT: I did, and you listen, this is a problem. If you would spend as much time looking into the problem as you would have been trying to come after me and belittle me this week --

COOPER: Sir, do you want to offer any evidence? I'm giving you an opportunity to say what research and evidence you have. You've offered none, other than yelling.


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