Louie Gohmert: Obama Intolerant Of Christians In U.S. Military


Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said Tuesday that President Barack Obama is "intolerant" of Christians, criticizing the president's opposition to a National Defense Authorization Act amendment that would expand protections for religious “actions and speech” in the military.

Speaking during a Family Research Council press conference, Gohmert said the White House, in opposing the measure, had discriminated against Christians.

“It seems like the only group that it is politically correct to be intolerant of are Christians, who have such a profound effect on the founding of this country, including about a third of the signers of the Declaration of Independence being ordained ministers,” Gohmert said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Gohmert continued, "If this administration is going to continue to tolerate this kind of intolerance, they are going to lose members of the military that cannot serve if their first amendment rights aren’t going to be protected with regard to religion."

The amendment in question, sponsored by Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), would expand existing protections for religious freedom in the armed forces to include "actions and speech" in addition to "beliefs." Last month, the White House said it "strongly objects" to the measure, which opponents say would limit commanders' ability to discipline anti-gay discrimination in their ranks.

"By limiting the discretion of commanders to address potentially problematic speech and actions within their units, this provision would have a significant adverse effect on good order, discipline, morale, and mission accomplishment," read the White House statement.

Gohmert, a Tea Party Caucus member, has been a vocal critic of Obama on religious freedom.

"The gloves have come off, there really is a war by this administration against not just the Catholic Church but the Christian Church," Gohmert said earlier this month, referencing the president's stance on birth control.

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