What Your Camera Phone Photos Say About You (VIDEO)

Award-winning filmmaker and time-lapse photographer Louie Schwartzberg is rarely without his camera. His favorite subject is nature, capturing everything from the stunning transformation of vibrant flowers in bloom to the rarely seen aerial acrobatics of a tiny hummingbird. For Schwartzberg, his images represent the deepest part of his soul -- and you don't have to be a professional photographer to capture that same essence.

When speaking with Oprah on an episode of "Super Soul Sunday" about his love of nature and the soul behind his work, Schwartzberg shares his thoughts about the power of camera phones. "What's great is we have these phones and we can capture [our souls] at any moment," he says.

Viewing the sequence of your photos, Schwartzberg says, is just as revealing as the content in each individual picture. "It almost becomes like breadcrumbs on a trail," he says. "What's beautiful is to look back and ask yourself, 'Can I feel that same emotion that I felt at the time I took that photo?'"

In many cases, the answer may be a surprising "no," Schwartzberg says. "Guess what? You've changed since you took that photo. Could have been a day ago, could have been a year ago," he tells Oprah. "You can measure how you've grown and how you've evolved over time."

"By what's important to you?" Oprah says.

"Exactly," he responds.

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