'Louie' Season 3 Trailer Pays Tribute To Woody Allen's 'Manhattan' (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Louie' Trailer Pays Tribute To Woody Allen

The third season of "Louie" is coming to FX on June 28, and a trailer hyping the show was released Wednesday. The black-and-white teaser does not appear to include any footage from upcoming episodes, but instead pays homage to Woody Allen's "Manhattan" with black and white photography of New York City and a sprawling classical soundtrack.

And the similarities don't end there. C.K.'s career has many parallells with Allen's -- both made their name as stand-up comedians before become auteurs in the medium of film (Allen) and TV (C.K.), eventually writing, directing and starring in vehicles that are simultaneously screamingly funny and enormously heartfelt.

Although this trailer uses Rachmaninoff and not Gershwin, FX obviously wants us to know that New York is Louis C.K.'s town, and it always will be.

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